Terms and Conditions

This page will provide the client with certain information about Yousif H Al-Faran Al-Dossary Sons Co. Ltd., a Saudi company, with its registration number , having its corresponding address at Palm Towers Building ,Kaab Ibn Jummar St., Shatee district, Dammam, KSA, P.O. Box 5624 Tel:8099367 Fax: 8095677 .

Before using Our Website, please read them carefully and make sure that You have fully understand them.

The Client shall read and print copy of this term or save them in his computer so that he can refer to them hereafter. The Company reserves the right to modify this terms at any time. You should review this Terms in any transaction to ensure that you have the complete understanding of the applicable terms to each transaction.

1. Acceptance of the Term:

Please note that before you submit the request or pay any amount, please accept this term, in case of refusal you are not allowed to request any for any Products or pay any relevant installment.

2. Communication Method:

In case you need to contact Us for any reason including submitting a complain, please send us an email to the following email or Mobile number or SMS:

Email: helpdesk@yhfdossary.com Mobile No: +966552364544

In case we need to contact You or send You a written notice, we will do so via Your email or the address You have furnished to Us in Your application.

3. How to Transact:

Upon the submission of the application via Our Website the Client shall be deemed accepted this Terms, the piece of the Products, the specification of the Products and any other information related to the contemplated transaction.

Our Website shall explain the steps required to be taken in order to request for the Products and carry out any payment thereof. The request process allows you to inspect any defect and how to repair it before You submit Your request to Us.

After dully submitted the request, You will receive an electronic message in which we acknowledge the receipt of Your request. Once your request has been treated properly, Your invoice shall be forwarded and in that given point, the contract shall be deemed executed.

The Company will send You electronic email confirming the delivery of the Products (“Delivery Confirmation”).

In case we are unable to provide You with the Product/s for including but not limited to the unavailability of the Product/s, we will inform You of the same and we will not treat Your request. In case You have paid for the Product/s, we will return to You the amount paid together with any transportation cost (if paid) provided that the Company will not bear any other liabilities for You whatsoever.

You acknowledged that the Company is entitled to investigative the accuracy and correctness of the information provided to Us by You however, in case we are unable to do the same, our representatives or the Bank that issued Your credit card will contact You to ascertain regarding Your identity and/or the reason of the Your request.

By submitting the request or pay any amount thereof via our Website, You acknowledged that You have the legal capacity to enter into binding contract. The system shall deduct the invoice amount from Your credit/deduction card or by other means of payment and, the amount appear in Your bank account statement . For the purpose of payment, You acknowledged that all the information you furnished to Us are true and You are authorized to use such payment mode. Further, You acknowledged that We are entitled to investigate the payment information you have provided to Us.

The Client acknowledged that the price shall not include the shipment costs, the delivery or any applicable tax. The Client further agree that it shall pay such expenses from the Company stores to the delivery stage.


Your request to purchase certain Product from the Website shall be council in case no payment has been made one hour from the time of the application.

4. Currency

The currency used in the sale transactions is the Saudi Riyal, in case You used other currency, You agree that the Company is entitled to claim the differences in the currencies if the amount received is less than the cost of the Product.

In case of sale outside the KSA, the Client commits to pay any tariffs, taxes or government fee in KSA and in the home estate of the Client.

5. The Delivery

The delivery Confirmation shall include information that allow You to trace the shipment. You should sign on the delivery receipt that the Product has been received in good condition and as per the specifications.

In case no person is available in Your address during the delivery time, the shipment company may serve a notification of attempt to deliver beside notifying You of returning the Products to its local store. Upon the occurrence of such event, You should the delivery person or the Company.

The delivery shall be deemed completed once we deliver the Product/s in the address You have provided to Us, or by receiving the Product/s in Our stores by You or a shipment company from Your side.

The Client is responsible from the accuracy of the information to the extent that the You should indemnify and hold Us harmless from any loses or damages incurred by Us as a result of such breach. In case of the Product/s has/have return to our stores You should bear all the costs

6. Return Policy

You are entitled to return the Product within three (3) days as from the date of receipt of the Product in case of any substantial damages during the shipment or delivery process or the Product receipt is in compliance with the agreed specifications and standards. Upon the occurrence of any of the above event, the Company shall bear all the shipments and delivery, maintenance or replacement of the Products costs without any further liabilities against the Company.

The return goods should be returned to the return goods address stated in the return goods space in the Website.

The return goods shall be in the same condition when sold together with the attached cards and the original invoice or receipt. You should bear any risk or costs associated with the return of the return Product/s.

The amount of the original sale price of the returned Product/s together with any taxes or government fee (if possible) shall be return to You after deducting the banking fee together with any other fee.

You shall bear any costs associated with return of the Products including but not limited to the shipment cost, delivery costs and any government taxes.

We will return Your money to You using the credit/deduction card or the other payment method specified by You when applying at the outset. The reimbursement process shall take fourteen (14) working days as of the date the Product/s received at the return center provided that the return Product/s are/is in good conditions ready for sale.

7. Cancellation of the Request

The Client is entitled to cancel the Transaction without incurring any additional fee however, in case the Client has terminated the Request after paying the price and the Product/s has/have been shipped the Company will be entitled to deduct the shipment costs in addition to 5% from the Product price against any the Request Cancelation fee beside the bank fee paid for cancelation of the Request and return the price in Your account.

In case the Client has canceled the Request after dully paid the price in the system whereas the delivery is not yet carried out, the Client incurred the cancellation fee beside the Bank fee for returning the amount in the Client Account.

The return Products shall be send to the address indicated in our website

You can contact us via this email, helpdesk@yhfdossary.com. In case You are intended to serve us an electronic email or contact us via our mail address, please indicate Your name, Your email address and Your request details to enable us recognize You. Please be advised that You are responsible for shipment and delivery costs associated with the return of the council Product/s.

You acknowledges that we will use the less-cost delivery tolls.

8. Warranties and replacement of the Product:

Any request for or guarantee replacement of the Product should be served to the technical support team in their address details available in the Website. We will replace the Products if deemed appropriate as per the technical support team recommendations.

You acknowledges that all the specification and determination of the Products are provided by the manufacturer therefore, We don’t warrant its accuracy, authentication or appropriateness of such specification to the use and We don’t provide any representations, guaranties, undertaking whatsoever concerning the usefulness or the quality, safety, or inabilities to use any Product You bought as permitted under the applicable law.

As a result, We shall not be held liable for any responsibilities (whether under the contract or tort including but not limited to mission or implicitly under any law for any losses or damages whatsoever including but not limited to direct, indirect, temporary, non-monetary, especial which resulted from including but not limited to loss of profits, business opportunity or data) resulted from or related to the sold or received Products regardless of whether You informed Us or not of the Possibilities of the occurrence of such losses or damages. Further, Our maximum responsibilities shall be limited to the amount You paid to Us in connection with the contemplated transaction. Notwithstanding any terms and condition provided for in this Contract, each Party shall be held liable for death or personal injury which resulted from the omission or willful misconduct of either Party or his employees, agents or legal representatives.

All the terms, guarantees, acknowledgments or other terms expressly or implied, to the extent permitted by the law, which applied to Our Website shall be excluded.

We shall not be responsible whether under contract, tort including omission, not observing legal obligation or whatever, towards any user of Our Website for any losses or damages even if expected, which resulted from the following:

1. use or unable to use Our Website.

2. use or rely on any content stated in Our Website.

We shall not be responsible for any losses or damages resulted from virus, or attack to the distribution services or any other materials that have technological damage which could impair Your computer device or computer program or data or any other property as a result of Your use of Our Website or download any of its content or at any other Website connected with it.

We are not responsible from the content of the Websites connected to Our Website. For more certainty, the connection of those Website with Our Websites shall not be construed as We approved such websites therefore, We shall not be held accountable for any losses or damages incurred as a result of Your use of them.

9. Events Out of Our Controls:

We shall not be obliged or responsible for any failure or delay to perform any of our contractual obligations for any event out of our control. The force majeure is that any event impossible to anticipate or impossible to prevent even if anticipated

Upon the occurrence of an event out of our control that affected the performance of Our contractual obligations, We will:

Inform You of such event and Our contractual obligations will be ceased and the period to perform Our obligation shall be extended as long as such event exists.

We will arrange with You a new date for delivery after such event is over.

You are entitled to terminate the contract in case of an event out of Our control is continued more than thirty (30) days.

10. Indemnification

Subject to the terms and conditions of this contract You acknowledges and agrees to indemnify and hold Us harmless from any losses or damages whatsoever incurred by Us as a result of Your breach to this contract including any legal expenses or fees and any amount paid to third party in connection with the settlement of a third party claim.

11. Consequences of Breach of this Contract:

Without prodigious to any of Our rights under this contract , in case of any breach to this contract by You, we shall be entitled to take any measure we believe, in Our sole discretion, is appropriate including preventing You from access to the Website or prevent Your computer using protocol address of Your internet from access to the Website and contact Your internet services provider to prevent You from access to the Website or file a lawsuit against You.

12. The Governing Law And Dispute Resolution:

In case of any term need to be construed or any dispute arise out of or in connection with contract the KSA laws shall be applied. Further, any dispute arise out of or in connection with this contract shall be settled within fifteen (15) from the date of notifying the other party of the same. In case no Agreement has been reached with such period, such dispute shall be referred to the competent court in KSA.

13. Contract Amendments:

We are entitled to amend this contract from time to time without the need to inform You of such amendments to the extent that any amendment shall be deemed valid

14. Jurisdiction of Contract:

This contract shall cover the transaction within the KSA to the extent that it shall be considered as domestic contract and no any delivery outside the KSA is to be permitted.

15. Contact Language:

This contract has been prepared in two languages (Arabic & English). In case of any discrepancies between the two languages, the Arabic language shall be prevailed.